Justice Ginsburg: Eight ‘is not a good number’ for the Supreme Court

Even while Senate Republicans have created a firestorm of controversy over the past year due to their historic refusal to consider a President’s Supreme Court nomination, the Supreme Court itself has remained largely silent and/or neutral on the matter. Until now, that is.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg told judges at a conference in New York that, in no uncertain terms, having only eight justices on the Supreme Court was harming that branch of government and hurting its ability to carry out its duties:

Ginsburg told judges at a conference in New York that the situation is unfortunate because it essentially means important issues are being denied Supreme Court review, according to a copy of her prepared remarks.

“That means no opinions and no precedential value; an equal division is essentially the same as a denial of review,” Ginsburg said.

“Eight, as you know, is not a good number for a multi-member court,” Ginsburg said in the speech to judges and lawyers gathered for a conference of the 2nd Circuit. “When we meet at the circuit conference next year, I anticipate reporting on the decisions of a full bench.”

It’s one thing for Senate Republicans to refuse doing their jobs. But when that results in an entire branch of government being unable to do its job, then it’s time to speak up. We applaud Justice Ginsburg for doing so.

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