Sen. John McCain Promises No End To The Obstructionist Club

Appearing on a local radio show in Pennsylvania, Sen. John McCain promised that Republicans will continue to use their majority in the Senate to obstruct not only President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nomination of Merrick Garland, but any nominee Sec. Hillary Clinton puts forward.

“I promise you that we will be united against any Supreme Court nominee that Hillary Clinton, if she were president, would put up,” Sen. McCain said. “I promise you. This is where we need the majority and Pat Toomey is probably as articulate and effective on the floor of the Senate as anyone I have encountered.”

What Sen. McCain is promising is unprecedented in the history of the U.S. Senate. A single party is willing to block every nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, regardless of qualifications. The ramifications of this would be staggering. Right now, the Supreme Court is already hampered by the absence of one judge from the bench. It is not unprecedented for two or even three judges to leave the court over the course of a four-year term.

If this were to take place and Democrats fail to gain the majority, the court could be left without a quorum and unable to meet at all.

What’s clear is if Democrats don’t recapture the Senate in November, we will still be fighting against the “Obstructionist Club” in January.